Monday, 13 September 2010

The Manifesto of Taking things Seriously

There is one very serious question left to ask. Hopefully it will be your last because once you ask it you are changed forever. The very seriousness of it leads you to a realisation of profound insight. Understanding through antithesis represents harmony and balance. This is the most stable state of mind. It is an exciting day for all of us. Every person who accepts the tenets of this manifesto makes the world a better place and weakens the power of the corrupt authorities that govern our lives through seriousness and stout determination to make things extremely serious. So, if you are ready it is time to ask the question.

"On my death bed would I be wishing that I had spent my life taking things more seriously?"

Pursuant to that - can you think of anybody in the history of (wo)man who should have taken life more seriously? Think of all the things that you enjoy in life - music, drama, literature are all created by people at play. This childishness is sometimes criticised and even called evil because on the whole it is not considered productive. Only serious things are productive. That's why the most serious people of us all are the leaders of society and considered the most productive! (Wo)Men in serious suits talking about serious things without even lifting a pen are obviously so much more productive than a man working hard in a factory. His crime? Having a break from seriousness at the weekend with his family and friends. If you cannot see the irony of this then perhaps you are overcome. A sudden intervention of extreme silliness is the only path to salvation.

It is astounding how much time we devote to the act of being earnest. We wake in the morning and joylessly prepare for work or the lack of it. The burdens of breakfast and the trials of hygiene start the day as a precursor to what is to follow when we shall get into all sorts of grave mischief. Why don't we start the day with a smile? Treat the clocking on time as something to be graciously overlooked? Spread the thought of joy to our fellow citizens. For heaven's sake would the world not be a better place if everybody was lackadaisical and whimsical? Is it so hard to see? What is this fog that clouds fundamental common sense so completely?

Now that you have had your eyes opened and you perspective re-aligned a few things become apparent:

Firstly - matters that are vital to the earnest persons heart are suddenly meaningless i.e. money, devotion to an authority that has claimed dominion over you without your consent, hatred of people you neither know or are affected by. Shake free of the shackles of religion and piety to the state. Time spent in joy with people who have abandoned seriousness is worth more than any amount of material wealth. Is there any laughter in being a passive obedient consumer?

Secondly - the term 'important' has a new meaning. The first letter of this three syllable monstrosity suddenly seems out of place. We start to replace it with the word 'umportant' because much of what we consider 'important' are actually other peoples priorities. It is important to be productive and punctual, it is important to get a bigger house or a better car, pay taxes and have children. There is no importance any more. We have escaped the ravages of nature, we have food and water and shelter why should other things replace those as fundamentally important? It is the gradation of priorities that renders things serious, if you stop taking things so seriously does the universe stop? Then why do we have to label things as 'important'?

Thirdly - There is no amount of earnestness that can overcome someone who has abandoned seriousness. How can somebody bargain against your list of priorities if your list is empty? Now that there is no thing that is 'important' there is no wager to commit with your actions. Whereas previously you have had to mitigate some loss for not fulfilling somebody else's priority. Now they have no power over you for you have torn up the social contract and rewritten it in your own terms. And why not? After all you are the paying tenant, exercise your right to free market. Take from life what you want.

Finally - The term 'my' or 'mine' is irrelevant. Ownership implies a high level of importance which you place on an object. Once the term 'mine' has been abandoned you are free to give without hindrance. Finally true freedom. Not the kind of freedom that comes with ability to operate heavy machinery via a licence but the kind of freedom that lets you be the person whom you always wanted to be. "I dare do all that may become a man; Who dares do more is none."

Live your life as you would like to live it. Be frivolous, be lighthearted and start the swing to power of reasonable people with reasonable aims. Make the world a better place. Have a lie in.

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