Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Thus Spake Harry Toaster

Harry entered the village and spake thusly - "I have meditated these last ten years in solitude on the mountain. It would have been really nice if someone had bought me a cup of tea or something."

The villagers were confused. This bearded and weather beaten man was a stranger to their eyes and yet he knew each of them intimately.

"A piece of toast would have done. It's actually really hard to sit and meditate all day with nothing to eat. I could be contemplating the will of the universe or something instead I am using all my power to fight off hunger pains."

And they did see the logic of what he spake but still he was not known to them. The Harry Toaster that went up the mountain ten years ago was not the same person that stood before them now.

"Has anybody got a piece of cake I could have, or maybe some fruit? I've got something really important to tell you but I do really need to eat."

The villagers gathered their surplus food and burned it so that Harry Toaster may feast on the aroma.

"You...bastards. I spend ten years up the mountain and realise ultimate knowledge which I am trying to share with you by the way and you mock me!"

And they saw that it was good.

"I'm going back up the mountain."

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